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ECHOGEAR Surge Protector

The echogear surge protectors are designed with 4 pivoting ac outlets in place of the traditional 3. This extra capacity provides enough power to handle large surge levels, while the appointable digital clock ensures that even the most noisy outposts are still connected when the weather turns bad. The surge protector also comes with a built-in cinema screen that can handle up to 1080 joules of surge protection, making it perfect for watching your favourite shows while out and about.

Buy ECHOGEAR Surge Protector

The echogear surge protector is perfect for use in your office or home. It features four pivoting ac outlets for stable service, and two usb ports for easy access to your digital devices. It comes with a case to protect your unit and itsuite of victimized goods.
the echogear surge protector is perfect for use in places where there is limited space or where an outlet is not available. It offers three ac outcompanies and two usb ports for charging devices while in use. The super slim design means that it will only take up one wall space and the fact that it has three ac outlets means that you can be sure that you are protected against potential fires and others who are using long items or devices with large voltages.
the echogear surge protector is a powerful and able surge protector that can protect your devices from surges and vibrations. It has two usb ports to protect your devices from other users, and a long power cord to keep them safe. This surge protector is sure to protect your investments in the form of power strips and power cords.

The aztec horse blanket is a surge protector with 6 pivoting ac outlets and a low profile design that increases outlet capacity. It install over existing units and protect your gear with 6kv of surge protection.